Main screen

In the main screen you will see the graph of the percentage and voltage levels over the selected display interval. If enabled it will also show you the device on-time per day (represented by bars). Below the graph it will show the current battery status and the time elapsed since the last detected new charge. Two buttons on the right allows you to quickly jump to the Status screen and the Display Options screen.


Database size limits

Here you can select the maximum limits of the database in either maximum number of records or maximum number of days the database is allowed to contain. You can enable one, both or none of these limits. These limits will only be checked on program startup, so any records beyond these limits will not be removed until you restart the program.

New charge detection

Here you can select how a new charge will be detected. The database can be searched for a voltage jump of a selectable amount of millivolts, or when device was plugged into a charger (note that you will need to switch on/off the device while plugged in to store this information in the database). You can enable one, both or none of these methods (when none selected, the first record in the database will be taken as the last charge date).

Wakeup notification type

This options changes the type of wakeup notification BatteryGraph will use, early or late wakeup. If you are getting "unbalanced on/off events" you may want to change this setting. Early wakeup notification should be fine in most cases, but if you are using the "Lock & Turn off" feature or are getting unbalanced on/off warnings, you may want to change this. Also see the F.A.Q. for more details.

Register for on/off notification

This option should always be on. Note that if deselected the program will no longer store battery information in the database at device switch on and off and therefore the information shown in the program will no longer be accurate. If this options is deselected it will be automatically be re-enabled on program launch. You can use this option in the rare event the program no longer logs the battery status. In that case deselect this option and select it again.

Backup DB on hotsync

Select this option if you would like to backup the database on hotsync. Note that this may increase hotsynce length depending on the number of records in the database.

Status screen

The Status screen shows you the current battery status, the warning threshold, the critical threshold and batterytype. Furthermore it shows the amount of records in the database (every device switch on and off will add one record to the database) and how many kilobytes the database occupies.

It will also show the last detected charge date and time and the amount of time elapsed since that date, as well as the device on and off time during that period. On the last line it show the amount of on-time for today.

Display Options

In the Display Options screen you can change various display options.

Display interval

Here you can select the amount of days to show in the graph on the Main screen.

On-time per day scale

Here you can select the scale of the on-time per day bars in the main graph. If you select 1 hours here, a full bar in the graph will represent 1 hour.

Connect points

If selected the voltage and percentage levels will be drawn as a line in the main graph. When deselected only points will be drawn.

Shade weekends

If selected weekend days in the main graph will be shaded in the selected color in the Colors screen.

Show min/max voltage

If selected minimum and maximum voltage will be shown as text in the graph bottom and top. The minimum voltage always equals the critical threshold of the device and the maximum voltage is autodetected (the maximum value detected after charge/new batteries).

Show grid

If enabled a grid will be drawn. Note that if you disable this, no on-time per day bars will be drawn and weekend days will not be shaded either.

Show on-time per day

If enabled bars will be drawn to indicate the device on-time per day.

Show warning threshold

If enabled a horizontal line will be drawn to indicate the warning threshold.

Show last charge

If enabled a vertical line will be drawn to indicate the autodetected last charge time.

Show on/off switches

If enabled every device switch on and off will be indicated by a small line on the x-axis of the graph. A device switch on will be drawn as a small line above the x-axis and a device off will be drawn below the x-axis.

Statistics screen

This screen will show you various statistics over the period you select. Note that this period does not include today (so last week means the 7 days before today). Also note that if the database does not contain any data for one or more days in this period, these days will be counted (and therefore showing lower average and minimum values of 0).

Change colors

Here you can change the various colors used in the main graph. By tapping the appropiate button you can change the color of voltage, percentage, grid, on-time, weekend shade, on and off markers. On the left of each button a colored square indicates the currently selected color.