Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will BatteryGraph cause my battery to drain more rapidly?

A: No. BatteryGraph will only check (and store) the status of the battery right after you switch on your device and just before you switch it off. This happens in an unnoticeable small amount of time and cannot have any influence on your battery life. Just to be clear: BatteryGraph does NOT run continuously in the background, does NOT periodically takes batterystatus samples, and does NOT wake up your device.

Q: The voltage has dropped while the percentage is still at 100%. Is this correct?

A: Yes. It is normal for the battery percentage to stay at 100% even though the voltage has dropped. On my device (a Sony Clie SJ-30) the percentage is 100% for voltages from 4210 mV to 3920 mV. This is just the way Palm reports the batterystatus.

Q: Why does hotsyncing BatteryGraphDB takes so long?

A: The time which it takes to hotsync the BatteryGraphDB is related to the number of records it contains. Limit the database to a number of records in the preferences screen or disable the option "Backup DB on hotsync".

Q: Why do I get unbalanced on/off events?

A: This means that in the database a switch-off event is not followed by a switch-on event. There are several causes. This could be because some other program. Suspicious programs are programs which runs at sheduled time (runtime for example) or replace the default locking mechanism. You may want to try to change the wakeup notification type or (temporarily) stop using the other program and see if this helps.
If you can't find the cause, send me the file BatteryGraphDB and I will decode the contents. This usually helps to find the cause.
You may also get unbalanced on/off events if you are using the "Lock & Turn off" feature. If your using a device which runs OS3.5 there is no other solution than not the use the builtin locking mechanism. OS3.5 just does not send a wakeup notification if the device is locked. If you are using OS4, see the next question. Using the "Lock & Turn off" feature on OS5 should work fine if you're using the early wakeup notification.

Q: Should I use early or late wakeup notification?

A: The early wakeup notification type should be fine in most cases. If you are using the "Lock & Turn off" feature on a OS4 device, you should change the setting to late wakeup. This should prevent you from getting unbalanced on/off events, as long as you do not turn off your device while it is asking for you password. If you're getting unbalanced on/off events you may also want to try to change the wakeup notification type.

Q: I think BatteryGraph is showing wrong results/statistics

A: Well, if you are sure and did not see any "unbalanced on/off" warnings, send me your BatteryGraphDB.pdb along with a description and I will take a look.

Q: I have read the manual and FAQ and still have a question

A: If you still have any questions send me an