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The latest version of BatteryGraph (v1.21) can be downloaded by the link below. See the latest changes here.

Download BatteryGraph v1.21

Upgrading from v1.20

Check your database size limit options in the preferences screen, they will probably be on a different value then you have chosen before. This may cause some of the battery history to be removed. Disable these options (remove the checkmarks) before you install v1.21 to avoid this.

Upgrading from v1.10 or earlier

You can install this version over any previous version. However in v1.20 the configuration format has changed and therefore all preferences, display options and colors will be reset to their default values. Battery history will be kept.

Known bugs


Version 1.21 - 2003 October 27

Version 1.20 - 2003 May 25

Version 1.10 - 2003 May 3

Version 1.02 - 2003 April 26

Version 1.01 - 2003 April 25

Version 1.00 - 2003 April 24