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BatteryGraph is a program for monitoring battery status on a PalmOS compatible device. Every time you switch on or off your device the program will log the current battery status in a database. On the main screen the battery percentage and voltage over the last few days will be drawn as a line in a graph. It can also display the device on-time per day wich will be drawn as bars. Furthermore it will display the total on-time since the last (autodetected) charge (or new batteries) and the current battery status on the main screen.

On the status screen it displays the current battery status, the battery warning and critical threshold, whether or not the device is plugged in (battery is charging) and the battery type. It also shows the number of records in the database and the current size in kilobytes. Furthermore it show the last detected charge date and time and how long the device has been switched on and off since then. It will also show the amount of on-time for today.

On the statistics screen it will show the average/minimum/maximum ontime per day over a selectable period. It also shows the avg/min/max number of times per day during that period as well as the average time between switch-on and switch-off.

The program should work on every Palm OS based device running Palm OS 3.5 or higher. Besides the standard palm resolution of 160x160 it also supports Sony Hi-Res (on Clie's) as well as Palm Hi-Res (OS5) for 320x320 resolution.


About development

This program is written in C and developed under Linux Redhat using PRC-Tools and Pilrc. It has been succesfully tested on the Palm OS Emulator (POSE) using ROM-images of the following devices:

It has also been succesfully tested under the Palm OS Simulator (OS5). Furthermore it has been tested on the following actual devices:

After release I have had reports that it succesfully works on various devices such as: Palm IIIc, Vx, m515, Zire, Zire 71, Tungsten|T, Tungsten|C, Tungsten|E, Sony S320, S360, T615c, N710c, NR70/V, NX80/V.

Thanks to

Thanks to the following people for betatesting and/or bugtesting and reporting:


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, problems or found a bug, please contact me by sending me an